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Why Should one opt for Injections?

HCG injections are more effective than HCG drops. The reason is obvious as the hormone when injected directly enters the bloodstream and starts functioning on the system. With HCG drops, however, the hormone is ingested and the system has to absorb it until it has been fully utilized. I find that buying HCG injections online are expensive when compared to HCG drops. Why is that so? Reason for the high cost when it comes to HCG injections sold online is not due to the hormone but for the injections. There are various types of injections that will come accompanying the hormone. One of them is with a needle that is so short that it will enter no longer than the lower skin of your body. Moreover, these needles are designed for better usability even for the person who has no prior experience. Therefore, the reason for expensive HCG injections.

How should I store my HCG syringes and bottles?

The recommended storage method is to keep both the hormone and the syringes in a refrigerator. This will avoid the infection of needles and increase the life of the hormone.

Will I gain weight after stopping the HCG diet?

Unlike other diet programs, you won’t gain even after stopping the HCG diet. Here is how the HCG hormone works on your brain. When you are injecting HCG into your system it will reprogram the hypothalamus which is part of the brain responsible for your eating habits. So, what you eat in the HCG diet program will be structured in your brain for life. And since all the foods in the HCG diet are low in calorie with high protein you will gain those eating habits which will be hard to break. Hence, even after stopping the HCG program you will still be able to keep those lost weights safely.